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Besides wood, there is another natural material that is ...

Besides wood, there is another natural material that is often used to beautify the appearance of residential homes, namely rattan. The material from this tree is very easy to find in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Besides having such a beautiful color, rattan has flexible properties and is easy to make into various forms of furniture. The advantages of rattan material The advantages of rattan do not only lie in its flexibility and ease of formation. This natural material is very easy to find in Indonesia at affordable prices. In addition, the beauty value looks very perfect. Not only that, rattan can also be used to meet interior and exterior needs. The next reason for using rattan is that rattan plants can be cultivated, so they don't have destructive properties to nature. Even though the harvesting period takes quite a long time, it is still shorter than teak or ironwood. The use of rattan materials for furniture In Indonesia, not only wood is used as material for making furniture or furniture but also rattan. Not even a few who combine the two types of materials to produce a more beautiful and natural impression. Several types of furniture that often use rattan as the main material include chairs, sofas, tables, beds, partitions to room dividers and much more. The most frequently cited reason why they are more interested in choosing this material is because it looks very artistic. The use of rattan materials for arts and crafts Apart from furniture or furniture, rattan is one of the best materials for making arts and crafts. Through its flexibility, durability and strength, many artists or handicraft makers choose rattan as the main material for their creations. Not even a few world artists who use it to realize their ideas. Ethnic and modern to minimalist styles It is certain that all Indonesian people have owned or at least seen furniture and interior decoration made of rattan. For example table lamps, picture frames, wall dividers, shelves, flower vases, flower pots, and much more. Her appearance is always exquisite and beautiful, very pleasing to the eye. Rattan is always the material of choice, especially for making ethnic-style room decorations. But behind that, rattan can also be applied to interiors and exteriors in modern and even minimalist styles. Especially modern or minimalist with tropical nuances, it is very appropriate to use these materials to meet various interior and exterior needs.

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